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2019  |  Vol: 5(1)  |  Issue: 1(January-February)  |
Formulation development and evaluation of sustained release matrix tablets of Theophylline and Etophylline and study of polymers effect on dissolution rate

Mohammad Azaz Khan*, Senthil Selvi, P. Perumal

Department of Pharmaceutics, J.K.K. Natarajah College of Pharmacy, Komarapalayam – 638183 Tamil Nadu, India

*Adress for Corresponding Author

Dr. Mohammed Azaz Khan

J.K.K. Natarajah College of Pharmacy Natarajapuram, NH-544 (Salem To Coimbatore), Near Erode,

Kumarapalayam - 638183, Namakkal (Dt), Tamilnadu, India


Objective: The present investigation an effort has been made to increase therapeutic efficacy, reduce frequency of administration and improve patient fulfilment, by developing SR matrix tablets of Theophylline and Etophylline by using wet granulation technique incorporating different polymers combinations and fillers. Materials and methods: SR tablets of various combinations were prepared by using hydrophilic polymer: HPMC, sodium alginate and starch as fillers. The drug excipient mixtures were subjected to preformulation studies. The formulated tablets (F1-F10) were evaluated for different physicochemical properties and comply with the official standards. FTIR studies shown there was no interaction between drug and polymers. The optimized formulations (F3) were subjected to stability studies and shown there were no significant changes in drug content, physicochemical parameters and release pattern. Assay of the drug and formulation was carried out by using RP-HPLC method. Results: The in vitro release studies exhibits the release up to 82%, over a prolonged period of time which confirms the extended release profile of formulation (F3) after 6 hrs as compared to marketed formulation thus, drug in combination with HPMC were found to be effective in retarding the release of drugs. Conclusion: The SR matrix tablets of theophylline and etophylline shown better bioavailability, efficacy and potency compared with official standards.

Keywords: Theophylline, Etophylline, wet granulation technique, HPMC K100m, RP-HPLC, preformulation studies

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