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2019  |  Vol: 5(6)  |  Issue: 6 (November-December)  |
Screening of Black spruce oil for nootropic activity in rats

Vijaykumar P.  Rasal, Pawan Kharade,  Rajashaker S. Chavan

Department of Pharmacology, KLE College of Pharmacy, Belagavi, Karnataka, KLE Academy of Higher Education & Research, Belagavi, Karnataka  India.

*Address for Corresponding Author

Pawan   Kharade

KLE  College  of  Pharmacy,  Belagavi,  Karnataka,  KLE  Academy  of  Higher  Education  &  Research,  Belagavi – 590010,  Karnataka,  India.



Background: Memory failure is most common problem in dementia. The  brain  consists  of  “n”  number  of  synapses  that  allow  signals  to  travel  across  the brain  circuits  and  this  helps  in  creating  cellular  basis  of memories. The  functioning  of  synapses  and  neurons  involved  in  transmission  of  acetylcholine  is  mainly  impaired  in  Alzheimers  Disease. Objective: The  purpose  of  this  study  was  to  explore  the  nootropic  effect  of  Black  spruce  oil  against  scopolamine  induced  amnesia  in  rats. Materials  and  Methods: Training of animals was carried out on  day  fourteen  and  retention  was  tested  on  day  fifteen. The  animals  were  treated  with Mentat (100mg/kg  orally)  and  black spruce oil (100  &  200mg/kg,  orally)  till  day fourteen. Amnesia was induced using scopolamine (3mg/kg i.p.)  on 14th  day  after acquisition  trial. Retention  of  memory  was  tested  on  day  fifteen  using  elevated plus  maze, passive  shock  avoidance  and  morris  water  maze. The animals were sacrificed on 15th day for acetylcholinesterase enzyme estimation. Results: Significant   (P<0.001) improvement  in learning and memory was observed in animals  treated  with  Black  spruce  oil  (200mg/kg)  and also  amnesia  induced  by scopolamine  (3mg/kg s.c)  was  found  to  be  reversed. Levels of Acetyl  cholinesterase  were  found  to  be  reduced significantly (P<0.001)  in comparison with  negative  control group  i.e. animals exposed to scopolamine. Conclusion: The  results  indicate  beneficial effect  of  black  spruce  oil  on  memory function and this might be due  to  inhibition  of  acteylcholinesterase  enzyme  activity.

Keywords: Memory Performance, Alzheimer’s disease, Black spruce oil, Scopalamine, Acetylcholinesterase

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