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2018  |  Vol: 4(6)  |  Issue: 6 (November-December)  |
Comparative study of anti-angiogenic and cytotoxic activity of leaf and leaf callus silver nanoparticles of Tephrosia villosa Pers.

V. Ranjitha1, K. Kalimuthu1, Chinnadurai Vajjiram1, Y. Sharmila Juliet1, M. Saraswathy2

1Plant Tissue Culture Division, PG and Research Department of Botany, Government Arts College (Autonomous), Coimbatore -641018, India.

2Department of biological science, Vidhyasagar Women’s College of Education,     Chengalpattu, Tamilnadu, India

*Address for Corresponding Author  

Dr. K. Kalimuthu, Assistant Professor,

PG and Research Department of Botany, 

Government Arts College (Autonomous), Coimbatore ‑ 641018, Tamil Nadu, India. 


Objective: The present study aimed to synthesis silver nanoparticle (SNPs) from leaves and leaf callus of Tephrosia villosa and its anti-angiogenesis and cytotoxicity activity. Materials and methods: Antiangiogenic activity was conducted on fertilized eggs by modified in vivo CAM method and also in vitro cytotoxicity activity was studied by MTT assay at different concentration. Results: Both samples showed the higher angiogenic activity 94.5±0.5, 92.0±0.1 at the concentration 125 µg/ml. The CAM treated samples displayed distorted vascularation as well as perturbation on existing vasculature. The percentage of vessels inhibition in treated CAM was 13.5±1.5 and 12.5±1.5 at 125 µg/ml concentrations of leaf and leaf callus SNPs respectively. The in-vitro anticancer activity of leaf and leaf callus SNPs carried out against MCF-7 cell line by MTT assay showed 74.46 %, 74.35 % cell death at 250 μg/ml followed by 125 μg/ml concentrations with 70.23 and 74.35 μg/ml respectively. The IC50 value of leaf and leaf callus SNPs was 63.20 μg/ml, 12.15 μg/ml respectively. When compared the leaf SNPs, the callus SNPs activity was more in the degree of cell mortality. Conclusion: This study confirmed that both the leaf and leaf callus SNPs revealed of anti-angioenic and anticancer activity in in vitro system. For the commercial and medicinal purpose instead of using wild plant parts, we can use callus. This will reduce the pressure on wild plant collection and also conserve the plant species.

Keywords: Silver nanoparticle, angiogenesis, MTT assay and cytotoxicity

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