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2019  |  Vol: 5(3)  |  Issue: 3 (May- June)  |
Exploration of physicochemical and phytochemical potential of Linum usitatissmum Linn (Tukhm-e-Katan)

Zafar Javed Khan1*, Naeem Ahmad Khan1, Imrana Naseem2, Shahab A. A. Nami3, 4

1Department of Ilmul Advia, Faculty of Unani Medicine, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, 202002, India

2Department of Ilmul Advia, Sanskriti Unani Medical College, Sanskriti University, Mathura, 281404, India

3Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Life Science, A.M.U., Aligarh, 202002, India

4Department of Kulliyat, Faculty of Unani Medicine A.M.U., Aligarh, India

*Address for Corresponding author

Zafar Javed Khan

Department of Ilmul Advia, Faculty of Unani Medicine, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, 202002, India


Background: Unani Medicine possesses a large number of drugs used in various diseases as mentioned by eminent Unani Physicians based on their own long term experience. But, a doubt always remains regarding the standardization of Unani drugs. Objective: Therefore, the Present study was aimed to standardize and to assure the quality control check of an important Unani drug Tukhm-e-Katan used for various infectious diseases. Material and Methods: The test drugs, Tukhm-e-Katan (Linum usitatissmum L.) were procured from local market of Aligarh. The Physicochemical study includes the parameters recommended by National Unani Pharmacopeia Committee, these parameter are the determination of organoleptic characters, extractive values of the test drug  in different solvents, alcohol and water soluble contents, moisture content, ash values, loss of weight on drying, bulk density and  pH values, and the Preliminary phytochemical screening was carried out with different extract of Linum usitatissimum for the detection of various phytochemicals. Tests for common phytochemicals were carried out by standard methods. Results: Ash values, Total ash, (3.79%) acid insoluble ash, (2.91%) water soluble ash, (0.96%) Successive extractive values in different solvent; petroleum ether (30.56%), diethyl ether (7.93%), chloroform (4.2%), ethyl acetate (2.9%), acetone (1.7%), alcohol (2.6%), aqueous (8.5%), solubility in alcohol (33.06%) and water (12.26%), loss on drying (7.72%), pH at 1% (7.62),& 10% (6.68), bulk density (0.73%) and moisture content (7.0%). Conclusion: Preliminary phytochemical analysis of Linseed (Linum usitatissimum) showed presence of Alkaloid, flavonoids, steroids and terpenoids which may be active compound, responsible for its wide activities.

Keywords: Standardization, Flax, Katan, Linum usitatismum, Linseed, Tukhm-e-Katan

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