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2020  |  Vol: 6(6)  |  Issue: In Press  |
Can vegetative injuries (Acacia nilotica (Babool Tree)) offer protection against infection in case of open globe injuries defined by BETTS?

Mehul Shah, Shreya Shah*, Rounaq Khanna, Ruhi Gunay, Deeksha Thorat

Drashti Netralaya, Nr. GIDC, Chakalia Road Dahod-389151 Gujarat, India

*Address of corresponding author:

Dr Shreya Shah

Director, and Pediatric Ophthalmologist and Oculoplasty Surgeon

Drashti Netralaya, Nr. GIDC, Chakalia Road Dahod-389151 Gujarat, India


Objective: To compare the incidence of infection and damage caused by the object of injury and evaluate wooden sticks and other objects responsible for ocular injury. Methods: A tertiary care hospital in a rural part of central western India. This was a prospective observational cohort study designed in 2002. All open globe injuries in either eye that were diagnosed and managed between January 2003 and December 2019 were enrolled in our study. The patients were grouped according to injuries caused by sticks or other objects. Data were collected using the ISOT initial and follow-up forms and analysed. Results: The study comprised 1855 eyes, including 914 globe rupture and 915 penetrating injuries. Wooden sticks were one of the most common objects causing eye injury in the rural setting. Eye injuries caused by these objects were not associated with infection, and the final visual outcome in stick-injured eyes was significantly better than that in injuries caused by other objects (p=0.002). Majority of the sticks were from the Acacia nilotica plant (Babool Tree). Conclusion: Although sticks cause a high percentage of eye injuries, the incidence of infection in stick-injured eyes is low, and the final visual outcome is good. Hence, it could be concluded that A. nilotica has protective properties.

Keywords: BETTS, object causing injury, wooden stick, open globe injury, post-traumatic endophthalmitis, vegetative material

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