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2017  |  Vol: 3(3)  |  Issue: 3(May-June)
An Appraisal on Supreme Pharmacological and Minutest Ecological Prospective of Acacia nilotica (L.) Del.

M. Saravanaraja*, K. Nagarajan

PG and Research Department of Zoology, Sri Vasavi College, Erode, India

*Corresponding Author

M. Saravanaraja

PG and Research Department of Zoology

Sri Vasavi College, Erode – 638 316



Indian gum Arabic tree Acacia nilotica is a drought resistant multipurpose legume with wide range of pharmacological potential including antimicrobial, antibiotic, anti-malarial, anti-diarrheal, anti-oxidant, spasmogenic, antispasmodial and molluscicidal activity. The wide range of pharmacological properties are because of the phyto-chemical constituents of the plant parts bark, leaves, pods, roots and seeds. Chemical constituents including amines, alkaloids, cyanogenic glycosides, cyclitols, fatty acids, fluoro-acetate, non-protein amino acids, terpenes, hydrolyzable tannins, flavonoids and condensed tannins which are responsible for the supreme level of the pharmacological application of the plant species. In addition the plants portions provide supplementary ecological benefits including nitrogen fixation, pest control.

Keywords: Legume, Phytochemicals, nitrogen fixation, pest control

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