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2018  |  Vol: 4(2)  |  Issue: 4(March-April)  |
Hepatoprotective effect of Poly herbal formulation containing indigenous medicinal plants against various hepatotoxic agents in rats

B. Sreshta*, S. Ravindra Babu

Department of Pharmacology, Malla Reddy Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Secunderabad India.

*Address for Corresponding Author

B. Sreshta

Mall Reddy Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Secunderabad-500100

Telangana state, India


Objective: To evaluate the protective effect of PHF, a polyherbal formulation, against two experimentally induced hepatotoxicity models in rats. Materials and methods: Hepatoprotective activity of the PHF containing two indigenous medicinal plants extracts Tinospora cordifolia and Curculigo orchioides, was screened against CCl4 and paracetamol induced hepatotoxicity in rats. Results: Administration of hepatotoxins (CCl4 and paracetamol) shows significant morphological, biochemical and histopathological deteriorations in the liver of experimental animals. Pretreatment with PHF had significant protection against hepatic damage by maintaining the morphological parameters within normal range and normalizing the elevated levels of biochemical parameters (SGPT, SGOT, ALP and total bilirubin), which were evidently showed in histopathological study. Conclusions: The PHF has highly significant hepatoprotective effect at 200 and 400 mg/kg, p.o. on the liver of all the two experimental animal models. The liver protection due to combined action of all plant extracts along with their phytoconstituents.

Keywords: Hepatoprotective, Polyherbal, CCl4, Paracetamol

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