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2019  |  Vol: 5(4)  |  Issue: 4 (July- August)  |
Pharmacognostic and phytochemical investigations of aerial parts of Nepeta cataria Linn

Hayat M. Mukhtar1, Gurvinder Pal Singh2*

1Amritsar Pharmacy College, Amritsar, 143001, Punjab, India

2I. K. G Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, 144001, Punjab, India

*Address for Corresponding author

Gurvinder Pal Singh

Department of Pharmacy, Adesh Polytechnic College, Sri Muktsar Sahib. Pin Code 152026, Punjab, India


Objective: The main objective of the present study pertains to pharmacognostic and phytochemical characteristics of aerial parts of Nepeta cataria Linn belonging to family Lamiaceae. This investigation has been done according to guidelines of the World health organization and Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia of India. Materials and Methods:  The powdered aerial parts of Nepeta cataria were used to prepare the extracts of Petroleum ether, chloroform, methanol and aqueous extracts with the help of soxhlet apparatus. After that extracts were concentrated using rotary vacuum evaporator. Morphological evaluation, microscopic evaluation, powder analysis, physiochemical evaluation, preliminary phytochemical screening and TLC profiling of Nepeta cataria was performed. The petroleum ether, chloroform, methanol, and water extracts were used to perform the preliminary phytochemical screening. Results: The macroscopic studies revealed that leaves are thin with fairly prominent midrib and lateral veins. The presence of epidermis, palisade cells, trichomes (glandular and non-glandular), caryophyllaceous stomata, spongy parenchyma, collenchyma, and various vascular bundles was shown when a transverse section of the leaf was taken. There are two wide air chambers on either side of vascular bundles. Stem showed the presence of wedge-shaped vascular bundles. The bundles have inner thick segments of xylem and outer thin continuous layer of phloem. The parameters like ash value (total ash, water soluble and acid insoluble ash), extractive value (water-soluble and alcohol-soluble), moisture content were as 14.85, 7.13, 2.37, 32.8, 4.76, 7.32%  respectively. The methanolic extract showed the presence of flavonoids, carbohydrates, glycosides, phenolic compounds and tannins. Thin layer chromatography of methanol extract shows one spot having Rf values of. 0.64. Two spots were visualized having Rf values of 0.64 and 0.27. Conclusion: Pharmacognostic and phytochemical investigation of powdered aerial parts of Nepeta cataria describing its morphological evaluation, microscopical evaluation, powder analysis, physiochemical evaluation, preliminary phytochemical screening, and TLC profiling has been studied in detail so as to develop a reference for academic and commercial purpose. Further, it can be used for the standardization and pharmacopoeial parameters development.

Keywords: Nepeta cataria, pharmacognostic studies, phytochemical analysis, pharmacological guidelines

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