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2018  |  Vol: 4(1)  |  Issue: 1(January-February)  |
Betahistine as a treatment for vertigo: A systematic review of randomized controlled trial

Rizaldy Taslim Pinzon1, Rosa De Lima Renita Sanyasi2

1Faculty of Medicine, Duta Wacana Christian University, Yogyakarta,  Indonesia, 55224

2Internship Doctor at dr. Efram Harsana Air Force Hospital, Magetan, East Java, Indonesia, 63392

*Address for Corresponding Author

Rizaldy Taslim Pinzon, MD, PhD

Faculty of Medicine, Duta Wacana Christian University, Yogyakarta,  Indonesia, 55224


Background: Vertigo is the subtype of dizziness and impair patients’ health-related quality of life. Betahistine is generally well-tolerated as an anti-vertigo drug. Objective: This systematic review aimed to identify the effectiveness of betahistine in vertigo patients. Methods: Systematic research was done by using PubMed and Cochrane. with following terms to search: “vertigo medication”, “betahistine”, “betahistine dihydrochloride”, “betahistine mesilate”, and “betahistine in vertigo". The quality of randomized controlled trial (RCT) study is assesed by using Jadad score by and the selected studies were reviewed by using PRISMA checklist as the guidance. Results: There were 2669 citation from PubMed and Cohcrane. After adjusting for inclusion and exclusion criteria, the final result was a total 6 RCT studies included in this review. One study was discarded because lack of quality as an RCT study, thus remained 5 studies. All selected studies were RCT published in English within the last 10 years, involved subjects with vertigo. Each study was compared betahistine to: different dose of betahistine, diuretics, promethazine, dietary salt restriction, or Semont’s maneuver. Conclusion: Among 5 studies, 4 studies prove betahistine is an effective drug in vertigo treatment.

Keywords: betahistine, vertigo, systematic review

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