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2019  |  Vol: 5(3)  |  Issue: 3 (May- June)  |
Synthesis and stability constant of schiff’s bases of triazole

Ashvini Sonone, Mujahed Shaikh,  Mazahar  Farooqui,  Ayesha Durrani*

Dr. Rafiq Zakaria College for Women, Aurangabad (M.S.), India

*Address for Corresponding Author

Ayesha Durrani

Department of Chemistry,

Dr. Rafiq Zakaria College for Women, Aurangabad (M.S.), India


Objective: Keen of interest to study the stability constant, so that, we developed the environmentally benign protocol for the synthesis of Schiff bases and determine the stability constant of these Schiff bases by the pH-metric method. Materials and Methods: Schiff bases were prepared by refluxing the mixture of pyrazole aldehyde and triazole in dry methanol 80-90oC and 3-4 drops of acetic acid added. Results: synthesized imine linkage generalizes the scope of reaction. The yield of Schiff bases is very high in dry methanol. Conclusion: The proton-ligand stability constant has calculated by using Calvin-Bjerrum titration technique. The observation from titration curve is shown that the deviation of (A+L) at pH range 2.5 to 3.0.  (A+L+M) curves were deviated at pH range for Ni(II) is 3.6-4.0, Co(II) is 3.0-3.5, Zn(II) is 3.2-3.6 & Mn(II) is 3.6-3.8. The change in color observed that, yellow to white with Ni(II) and Zn(II), and yellow to brown in Co(II) and Mn(II), this indicates the formation of complex between Ligand and Metal.

Keywords: Dry Methanol, reflux, triazole, stability constant, pH meter

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