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2019  |  Vol: 5(1)  |  Issue: 1(January-February)  |
Study on safety and efficacy of Cephalosporins with macrolides in the treatment of lower respiratory tract infection in a tertiary care teaching hospital

Rahul Sabbu1*, Chippy Sivadasan1, Neethu John1, SandadiSushma Reddy1, Purushotam Kumar Sah1, Doddayya H.2, Antin S.3

1Department of Pharmacy Practice, N.E.T. Pharmacy College, Raichur-584103, Karnataka, India

2Principal, N.E.T. Pharmacy College, Raichur, Karnataka-584103, India

3HOD, Department of General Medicine, Navodaya Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Raichur, Karnataka, India

*Address for Corresponding Author

Dr. Rahul Sabbu

Pharm. D.

Lecturer, N.E.T.Pharmacy College. Raichur, Karnataka-584103 India


Background: The objective of present study was to find out the different combinations of azithromycin and cephalosporins generally prescribed, compare their efficacy and safety (adverse drug reactions). Materials and methods: A prospective observational study was conducted in the pulmonary and general medicine ward at Navodaya Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Raichur, Karnataka. The data was analyzed to interpret different parameters of the study. Efficacy was determined based upon the clinical response (reduction in symptoms) and length of hospital stay. Safety was determined by assessing the occurrence of ADR and their severity. In the study period, 85 patients were included based on the inclusion criteria. Results: Results revealed that male patients were more 45 (52.94%).More numbers of patients are at the age group of  60-69 years (31.76%) followed  by 50- 59 years (28.24%) with a Mean± SD of age 54.95 ± 14.545. Conclusion: Different combinations prescribed were azithromycin + ceftriaxone, azithromycin + cefixime, and azithromycin + cefpodoxime. The most commonly prescribed combination was found to be ceftriaxone with azithromycin. The ceftriaxone group showed statistically significant difference in the reduction of clinical symptoms thereby indicating greater efficacy. The patients experienced ADRs which were mild in nature with none severe indicating that all the combinations were safe.

Keywords: Azithromycin, Ceftriaxone, efficacy, lower respiratory tract infections, safety

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