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2018  |  Vol: 4(5)  |  Issue: 5 (September- October)  |
In vivo study of Nephroprotective potential of Shilajit by using Cisplatin induced nephrotoxicity model

Sunil Babanrao Pandit1*, Hemant Jibhau Pagar1, Tejal Raman Patel1, Amol Poapat Darwade1, Sarika Anand Jadhav2

1Department of Pharmacology, Dr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation’s

College of Pharmacy, Vilad Ghat; P.O M.I.D.C, Ahmednagar, 414111 (M.S), India

 2S .N. D. College of Pharmacy, Babhulgaon, Yeola, Nashik, Maharashtra, India

*Address for Corresponding Author

Sunil Babanrao Pandit

Department of Pharmacology, Dr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation’s

College of Pharmacy, Vilad Ghat; P.O M.I.D.C, Ahmednagar 414111 (M.S), India


Background: Cisplatin is a potent Antineoplastic agent and it is widely administered for tumours like neuroblastoma, lymphoma, neck carcinoma, endometrial neoplasm and bladder carcinoma but now days cisplatin having limited used due to renal toxicity, GI disturbances, like nausea, vomiting and myelosuppression. Objective: In this experiment, we have used cisplatin induced nephrotoxicity model and Shilajit Aqueous Extract as a test drug, it is potent Antioxidant and Herbomineral Drug. Materials and Methods: The healthy wistar rats of either sex weighing between 180-250gms we have prepared five groups for study of Nephroprotective Potential of Shilajit. This groups are follows Group I -Vehicle control, Group II- Negative control (cisplatin) Group III-Positive control (standard cystone), Group IV -Test1 (Treated Group),Group V-Test2 (Treated Group) and Group VI -Test3 (Treated Group). Results and Conclusion: On the comparisons between these groups with normal rats of group I,   it was found that there is a significant decrease in the body weight and increase in the kidney weight. And when the comparisons between these groups with of cisplatin + cystone induced nephrotoxic rats showed significant increase in the body weight but decreased in the kidney weight. the cisplatin+shilajit200mg/kg Per Oral administered rats showed significant increased body weight, but not showed significant decrease kidney weight and cisplatin+shilajit 400mg/kg Per Oral and cisplatin+shilajit 800mg/kg Per Oral showed increased in the body weight and decreased in the kidney weight when compared cisplatin induced nephrotoxic rats. The histopathological analysis also showed nephroprotective potential of aqueous extract of Shilajit in cisplatin induced Nephrotoxicity.

Keywords: Nephroprotecive, cystone, shilajit, cisplatin

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