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2017  |  Vol: 3(6)  |  Issue: 6 (November-December)
A Review on Food Preservation: Methods, harmful effects and better alternatives

Sangeeta Dwivedi*, Palash Prajapati, Narendra Vyas, Sapna Malviya, Anil Kharia

Modern Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 45311, India

*Corresponding Author

Sangeeta Dwivedi

Asst. Professor (M. Pharm, Pharmacology),

Modern Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Gram Alwasa, Sanwer road, Behind Rewti Range, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 45311.

Mobile: 9827526680


Every living organism needs food to live. Foods have many nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals etc. These nutrients are ingested and digested by an organism to produce energy which is required to stimulate growth and maintain normal life process.  Chemical, enzymatic or microbial activities from the surrounding environment and the food itself can cause spoilage to food products. The food has limited shelf life, in order to increase the shelf life and maintain the quality certain preservatives are used in food products but these preservatives may have some harmful effects. So that nowadays consumer demand of minimally processed foods without synthetic preservatives has led to a growing interest in their replacement for more natural alternatives. Preservatives are those substances added to various food products, pharmaceutical dosage forms and cosmetic preparations to prevent or inhibit microbial growth to maintain product consistency and quality, prolong the shelf-life of food, improve or maintain nutritional value, maintain palatability and wholesomeness, provide leavening(yeast), control pH, enhance flavor, or provide color by preventing their spoilage. An ideal preservative should be effective at low concentrations, be non-toxic and compatible with other constituent of the preparation and be stable for the shelf-life of the preparation. A, B This review paper focuses on, the preservation methods of food to maintain or protect the quality of food, and the use of natural food preservatives as alternative to artificial preservatives, for safer human consumption.

Keywords:  Preservation, Natural preservatives, Shelf life, Nutritional values

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