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2019  |  Vol: 5(2)  |  Issue: 2(March-April)  |
Enhancement of solubility and dissolution rate of poorly water soluble dipyridamole using Emblica officinalis fruit powder

Syed Reshma Sulthana1, A. Anil Kumar2

1Department of Pharmaceutics, Vikas College of Pharmacy, Vissannapeta, Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh, India

2Vikas College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutics Vissannapeta, Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh, India

*Address for Corresponding Author

A. Anil Kumar (Asst. Professor),

Department of Pharmaceutics,

Vikas College of Pharmacy, Vissannapeta, Krishna District, A.P, India Pin: 521215


Objective: The Objective of present study was to enhance the solubility of Dipyridamole and formulate Dipyridamole conventional tablets using Emblica officinalis fruit powder, Ocimum basilicum seed powder by employing Kneading technique and to carry out the Evaluation of Prepared tablets. Dipyridamole is a BCS (Biopharmaceutical classification system) class II drug which is poorly water soluble, it is freely soluble in acidic buffer pH 1.2  and shows negligible solubility in basic buffer i.e., pH 6.8  phosphate buffer. Material and methods: The technique employed for solubility enhancement is kneading technique of Solid dispersions. The formulations were prepared by direct compression and evaluated for various parameters such as disintegration time, hardness, and friability and Cumulative percent drug release. Results and Conclusion: The optimized formulation containing combination of these two natural powders has shown 98.85% of Drug release at 30 minutes which consists of 1:3 ratio of Drug and Emblica officinalis (Amla powder) fruit powder and the Ocimum basilicum (Sabja) seed powder used in the optimized formulation was 10% of the total tablet weight. The disintegration time of optimized formulation was found to be 21 seconds where as the formulation containing sodium starch glycolate as disintegrant has shown 33 sec of disintegration time. Drug interaction studies performed by using FTIR Spectroscopy shows that Ocimum basilicum and Emblica officinalis when combined with Dipyridamole there were some drug-polymer interactions seemed to be participated resulted in the improvement of solubility and dissolution characteristics. Hence, from the obtained results, it is clear that Emblica officinalis seed powder has shown Solubility Enhancement and Ocimum basilicum has shown super disintegration.

Keywords: Natural ingredient, solubility enhancement, super disintegration, Emblica officinalis, Ocimum basilicum

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