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2021  |  Vol: 7(1)  |  Issue: 1(January-February)  |
Preliminary phytochemical and pharmacological screening of Pogostemon benghalensis for antioxidant and antibacterial activity

Mukesh R. Pimpliskar1, Rahul Jadhav2, Yogesh Ughade2, R. N. Jadhav3*

1Biotechnology Department, KME’s, G.M. Momin Women's College, Bhiwandi-421 305 (Thane), Maharashtra. India

2Ramnarain Ruia College, Matunga, Mumbai, 400 019 3 Maharashtra, India

3Vidyavardhini’s, E. S. A. college of Science, Vasai road (Palghar), 401 202, Maharashtra, India

*Address for Corresponding Author

Rahul Nasikrao Jadhav

Department of Zoology, Vidyavardhini’s E. S. A. College of Science, Vasai Road, 401202 Maharashtra, India



Background: Pogostemon benghalensis is an important aromatic herb. Since the ancient time plant is being used as medicines, agrochemicals and pharmaceutical by large number of tribal and rural people. Almost all parts of the plant are helpful to treat different kinds of aliments; very few of these claims have been reported and scientifically studied. Objectives: The present study focused on the phytochemical analysis, antioxidant activity, RBC haemolysis and antimicrobial activity. Materials and methods: Aqueous and methanol extracts of leaves of P. benghalesis,  used for Phytochemical analysis revealed major components such as flavonoids, saponins, tannins, glycosides, alkaloids and phenolic compounds present in both PBE. Results and conclusion: Results of the study showed that P. benghalensis extract showed significant antioxidant and RBC haemolysis activity. Antibacterial analysis of P. benghalensis showed moderate to high activity against Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhi, Streptococcus pyogenes and Klebsiella pneumonia, respectively. Therefore, the phytoconstituents in this plant are found to be with high medicinal value and can be explored for further studies. There seems enormous potential and scope for future research and further pharmacological investigation on Pogostemon benghalensis.

Keywords: Pogostemon benghalensis, phytochemical analysis, antimicrobial activity, antioxidant, RBC haemolysis

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