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2017  |  Vol: 3(4)  |  Issue: 4 (July- August)
Antifungal activity of Zingiber officinale oil against plant pathogenic fungi isolated from solanaceous vegetable fruits

Sajad Ahmad Mir*, Abid Hussain Qureshi

Research scholar, Mycological research lab, Rani Durgavati University Jabalpur M.P., 482001 India.

Corresponding Author

Sajad Ahmad Mir

Mycological Research Lab,

Rani Durgavati University, Jabalpur, M.P., India 482001. 


Objective: The main aim of this research paper is to determine the antifungal activity of zingiber rhizome extract against some isolated fungi from solanaceous vegetables. Materials and methods: The ginger oil, extracted by hydrodistillation unit, to inhibit fungal growth isolated from solanaceous vegetables was studied. The oil was used at different concentrations 5%, 10%, 20% against plant pathogenic fungi viz, Fusarium oxysporum, Alternaria alternata and Aspergillus flavus. Each experiment was done in triplicates so as to get the desired result. Results and conclusion: Highest inhibition was seen against Aspergillus flavus followed by Fusarium oxysporum and Alternaria alternata. The major chemical compounds that were extracted through GC-MS analysis were, 1, 8-cineol 27%.Other hydrocarbons were α- seliene α- pinene, ar- curcumene, Camphor α- farnesene, Tricyclene . The main oxygenated compounds were Neral, Elemol, Geranial 2.8, Nerolidol, Zingiberenol and Octanel.

Keywords: Zingiber oil, antifungal activity, solanaceous vegetables

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