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2017  |  Vol: 3(6)  |  Issue: 6 (November-December)
Evaluation of wound healing activity of ethanolic extract of Lantana camara roots

Mitali Sikdar*, Narendra Vyas, Ankur Joshi, Sangeeta Dwivedi, Sapna Malviya , Anil Kharia

Modern Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Indore M.P., India

Corresponding author

Mitali Sikdar  

Modern Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Indore M.P., India

Mobile: 9827526680



Background: Wound healing is an integrated cellular and biochemical process of restoring normal structure functions of damaged tissue. Healing is a natural phenomenon by which body itself overcome the damaged to the tissue but the rate of healing is very slow and chance of microbial infection is high. Several herbs and medicinal plants proved to be a wound healers were identified and formulated for treatment and management of wounds. Objective: In the present study wound healing activity of Lantana camara roots etanolic extract was evaluated by using excision wound model on albino rats. Materials and methods: Lantana camara roots were extracted using maceration technique. The extract was evaluated for wound healing activity using excision wound model on Wistar albino rats weighed about 150-200g. Results: The results of the study suggest the use ethanolic extract of Lantana camara on wounds. Results of present study showed significant wound healing activity (wound contraction on 15th day (124±5.44) compared to control (310 ± 2.20) and almost equal to standard (122±4.42). Test ointment showed complete Epithelialization 7.28±0.82 days when compared to control (12.21±0.32) and standard (6.32±0.56).

Keywords: Lantana camara, wound healing activity, wound infection 

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