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2019  |  Vol: 5(4)  |  Issue: 4 (July- August)  |
Investigations on hepatoprotective effect of Cuscuta reflexa extract in Paracetamol induced toxicity

Shweta Mishra*, Niraj Dixit

Guru Ramdas Khalsa Institute of Science and Technology (Pharmacy), Jabalpur (M.P.), India

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Shweta Mishra

Guru Ramdas Khalsa Institute of Science and Technology (Pharmacy), Jabalpur (M.P.), India


Objective: The present study was carried out to provide evidence to the traditional use of Cuscuta reflexa in the treatment of hepatotoxic effect. Material and Methods: The plant was extracted with chloroform and ethanol. Hepatotoxicity were induced by single dose of Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) by i.p. route. In test group 50% ethanolic extract of C. reflexa at a dose 84.1mg/kg of  body weight was given orally on every alternate day for 1 month. Weight of the animal on initial and affter 1 month were taken and weight variation was calculated. After 1 month the animal was dissected and histopathological investigation of liver were carried out and the reduce in GSH level in blood as well as liver was calculated. Results and Conclusion: Results were found that 50% ethanolic extract of Cuscuta reflexa showed hepatoprotective activity. In histopathological investigation it was observed that the 50% ethanolic extract of Cuscuta reflexa has less necrosis and ballowing (swelling of hepatocytes) than the control group. When the animal received single application of paracetamol at the dose of 500mg/kg and Cuscuta reflexa 50% ethanolic extract at the dose of 84mg/kg body weight for 30 days showed increase in reduced glutathione level in liver whereas decreased was observed in blood of mice. It has been observed in other studies also the decrease level of glutathione in blood level but increase in liver.  

Keywords: Glutathione Stimulating Hormones (GSH), Cuscuta reflexa, acetaminophen

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