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2019  |  Vol: 5(6)  |  Issue: 6 (November-December)  |
Phytochemical screening, FTIR and GCMS analysis of aqueous extract of Caralluma bicolor – An endangered plant

A. Vanitha, K. Kalimuthu*, V. Chinnadurai, K. M. Jerun Nisha

Plant Tissue Culture Division, PG and Research Department of Botany, Government Arts College (Autonomous), Coimbatore-641018, India.

*Corresponding author

Dr. K. Kalimuthu

PG and Research Department of Botany, Government Arts College (Autonomous),

Coimbatore-641018, India.


Background: Plants produce phytochemicals to protect themselves; but recent studies proved that many phytochemicals can also protect humans against infectious diseases. Objective: The present study was aimed to analysis the phytochemicals through preliminary phytochemical screening, FTIR and GCMS analysis by aqueous extract of Caralluma bicolorMaterial and Methods: Phytochemical analysis was carried out for aqueous extract as per the standard methods. FTIR analysis of the aqueous extract was carried out through equipped with Jasco FT/IR-6300. The chemical compositions of aqueous extract of C. bicolor were investigated using Perkin-Elmer Gas Chromatography- Mass Spectroscopy. Results: Preliminary phytochemical screening of aqueous extract of C. bicolor showed positive result for alkaloids, flavonoids and triterpenoids, saponins, glycosides, gum & mucilages and fixed oils are present in this extract. In quantitative analysis the total phenols (49.7 mg), tannin (7.6 mg), alkaloids (78 mg), total flavonoids (3.8 mg), saponins (24 mg), total terpenoids (2.1 mg) were determined. In FTIR analysis functional groups like phenols, aliphatic primary amine, alkanes, carboxylic acid, nitrile, aromatics, alcohol, aliphatic amines, alkyl halides and alkynes were identified. The GCMS analysis of C. bicolor plant aqueous extract exhibited the presence of 98 compounds with 10 known bioactive uses. Conclusion: From this research, it can be concluded that the species is effective in phytochemical compounds, needs further research on toxicological aspects to develop a safe drug.

Keywords: Preliminary phytochemical, FTIR, gas chromatography, bicolor and alkaloids

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