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2024  |  Vol: 10(1)  |  Issue: 1(January-February)  |
A role of Ferrum Phos 6X in anemia in adolescent girls of age group 10-15 years of Maruti Mahavidyalaya, Piludara, Dist. Mehsana of Gujarat

Kailas Z. Patil*, Prashant M. Patil, Sarika E.S., Dharati P. Gajera

Department of Materia Medica; Pathology and Microbiology, Merchant Homoeopathic Medical College, Mehsana, Gujarat – 384001 India

*Address for Corresponding Author

Dr. Kailas Z. Patil,

Principal, Professor, Department of Materia medica,

Merchant Homoeopathic Medical College, Mehsana, Gujarat-384001 India



Aim: To study the efficacy of Ferrum phosphoricum 6x in the management of Iron deficiency anemia. Methodology: A sample of 30 cases from the patients who visited Maruti Mahavidyalaya, Piludara, Dist. Mehsana of Gujarat and MHMC & H, Basna, Dist. Mehsana were selected randomly as per the inclusion criteria. The prescription was made based on the symptom similarity. The cases were conducting by previous and after Hb% value and low MCV and MCH value there was conducted 30 girls was iron deficiency anemic were administered in biochemic medicine ferrum phosphoricum 6X 2 diskettes Tds for 4 month. The cases were followed for a period of four month. The study was subjected to statistical analysis and results were made from the observations.  Results: Out of 30 patients maximum incidence was observed in the age group 13 years [n=13,44%] and 14 years [n=13,43%] as compare to 15 year [n=4,13%]. majority of girls belongs to 13-15 years of age group . In the study found that anemia is more common in adolescent girls age group [10-15 years].It was also observed that girls are more prevalent iron deficiency anemia. Out of 55 girls there 30 girls having low Hb% with decreased MCV and MCH value and after prescribing homoeopathic medicine ferrum phosphoricum there was increase in value of Hb%. On the basis of comparison of before treatment and after treatment Hb% value. It shows that homoeopathic medicine ferrum phosphoricum was found to be effective in Iron deficiency anemia in adolescent age group.

Keywords: Iron deficiency anemia, Ferrum phosphoricum, Hemoglobin

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