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2016 | Vol 2(5) | Issue 5 (September-October)

Pages : 104-135

Online since Wednesday, November 30, 2016

ISSN: 2455-2674

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Review Article

A review on treatment and management of neuropathic pain with herbal folk drugs
Sonia Verma, Chandra Prakash Jain, Lalit Singh Chauhan, Ajay Kumar Shukla


Applications of Computer and Information Communication Technology in Research and Development: A Review
Pushpendra K. Jain, Sudhir Mishra, V. K. Shukla

Research Articles

Preliminary phytochemical analysis and evaluation of hair growth stimulating potential of ethanol extract from Eclipta alba L. (Asteraceae) leaves in Wistar albino rats
Sumanta Mondal, Debjit Ghosh, Seru Ganapaty, M. Sushrutha


In-vitro evaluation of Antiasthmatic activity of Achyranthes aspera aerial parts
Ajay Shukla, Sweta Garg, Ashish Garg, Vishal Singh

Short Communication

In vitro H+ -K + ATPase inhibitory potential of methanolic extract of Carissa carandas Linn. leaves
Ajay Shukla, Sonia Verma, Ram Bishnoi, C.P. Jain

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