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2018 | Vol 4(6) | Issue 6 (November-December)

Pages : 724-913

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Review Articles

Molecular signatures of epithelial-mesenchymal transition and their role in cancer progression
Aleema Ansari, Adria Hasan, Ejazul Haque, Safia Irfan, Snober S. Mir


Role of freeze drying technology in the development of orally disintegrating films
Ritesh R. Bhirud, Suvarna A. Katti


Nipah Virus (NiV): Diagnosis, pathophysiology and treatment
Abhishek Dabra, Preeti Arya, Kumar Guarve


Enumerations on seed-borne and post-harvest diseases of bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.) and their management
D. K. Sharma, Maya Sharma

Research Articles

In vitro antioxidant activity of Coccinia indica
Syed Zeenat Shaheen, Bolla Krishna, Gudikandula Krishna, M. A. Singara Charya


A cross sectional study on the prevalence of gross hematuria in diabetic patients: A new finding
Hameeda Begum, Madhuri Devi Thadiboina, Manohar Babu Sitty, Kannan Vadivel


Anticancer activity of Asparagus racemosus root extracts in non-small cell lung cancer A549 cells
Debaashish Biswas, Manisha Mathur, Hemant Malhotra, Shipra Bhargava, Bharti Malhotra


Identification of potent Cyanoacetylhydrazone derivatives as antidiabetic activity by in silico method
K. Sundaresan, K. Tharini


Drug utilization study of anti-diabetics in elderly diabetic, hypertensive in-patients with or without impaired renal function in a tertiary care hospital
Prasan R. Bhandari, Apeksha Bhandary


Development and evaluation of Metronidazole containing topical gel using different gelling agents
Urmistha Sarkar, Anusree Raha, Prosenjit Mukherjee, Monit Paul, Anindya Bagchi


Effect of Dalbergia sissoo on lipid profile and oxidative stress in ovariectomized rats
Ambadas Mane, Sachin Tembhurne, Swati Kolhe


Comparative study of anti-angiogenic and cytotoxic activity of leaf and leaf callus silver nanoparticles of Tephrosia villosa Pers.
V. Ranjitha, K. Kalimuthu, Chinnadurai Vajjiram, Y. Sharmila Juliet, M. Saraswathy


Use of ethanolic extract of Lantana camara L. flowers as pH indicator
Minakshi Patmas, Dhanashri Shete, Shriniwas Patil, Subhash Kumbhar


Phytochemical evaluation and antibacterial activity of four Indian spices
Ravi Datta, Hari Om Saxena, Arun Kakkar


Scientific coformer screening, preparation and evaluation of Dabigatran Etexilate Mesylate Cocrystal
Shankar Pol, Rajesh Nawale, Prashant Puranik, Hrutuja Chalak, Harsha Pol


Evaluation of antioxidant and antibacterial efficacy of flowers of Calotropis gigantea
Arasan Elayaraja, Ramu Peddimounika, Subramanyeswara Rao Massimukku Rohitha, Pannerpandiyan Premkumar


Ameliorative effect of Betulinic acid on ageing and scopolamine-induced learning and memory impairment in rats
Poonam Ruhal, Dinesh Dhingra


Evaluation for protective role of quercetin on gemcitabine-induced lipid peroxidation using common laboratory markers
Sarbani Dey Ray


Risk factors and clinical profile of ischemic heart disease in north India
Ashish Akshay Bedi, Ankit Gaur, Sourabh Kosey, Deepanshu Kumar Chitra, Kuldeep Singh, Vishal Gupta


Antibacterial effect of Psidium guajava leaves extract on extended spectrum β-lactamase and Metallo-β-lactamase producing uropathogens
Aruna K., Indra Sukesh


Anti-inflammatory and antiradical potential of methanolic extract of Cajanus cajan
Ganga Raju M, Kumara Swamy K.


Safety profile of an antihypertensive traditional herb: Oldenlandia auricularia
D. Inoka Uluwaduge, M. Ira Thabrew


Antimicrobial and anticancer activities of ethanol and methanol extracts of wild and micropropagated Cadaba fruticosa (L.) Druce
Yessian Sharmila Juliet, Kandasamy Kalimuthu, Vajjiram Chinnadurai, Venkatachalam Ranjitha, Ammasai Vanitha


Evaluation of rationality, efficacy and tolerability of antimicrobials prescribed for acute pharyngitis at a teaching hospital in India
Tamilisetti Vidya Sagar, Sanjay Kumar, Shantilata Patnaik


In vitro evaluation of antioxidant activity of D–Limonene
Bhavini B. Shah, Anita A. Mehta


Hepatoprotective effect of aqueous extracts of root and peel of Punica granatum in wistar rats
Bushra Hasan Khan, Jameel Ahmad, Farida Ahmad, Syed Mobashir Yunus


Hyaluronic acid anchored nanoparticulate carrier for delivery of methotrexate
Akanksha Malaiya, Awesh Kumar Yadav


Evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of alcoholic, hydroalcoholic and aqueous extract of Amoora Rohituka and Soymida Febrifuga in albino rats
Reetesh Yadav, Varsha Kashaw

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