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2016 | Vol 2 | Issue 1 (Jan- Feb)

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Research Article

Efficacy of Punica granatum L. based cosmeceutical products in improving hydration and skin color
A. K. Azad, Wan Mohd Azizi W. S*, N. A. Daud


Zero order and first order derivative Spectrophotometric determination of Metformin HCL in bulk dosage form
Rajesh Shukla, Sunil Singh, Jay Ram Patel, Sarita Kare, Reenu Yadav


Effect of Parmotrema reticulatum lichens on dermal wound healing with possible antioxidant and antibacterial mechanism
Pushpendra K. Jain, Alok Pal Jain


Investigations on hydroalcoholic extract of Zizyphus oenoplis for analgesic and anti-nociceptive activity
Ajay Shukla, Shweta Garg, Ashish Garg, Pramod Mourya, C.P. Jain


Gastroprotective activity of Martynia annua leaves on ethanol induced ulcer in rats
Suchit Jain, Sharad Bhandarkar

Short Communication

Maggot debridement therapy for diabetic foot ulcer: Experience from Maggot treatment Centers
A. K. Azad*, Wan Azizi WS, Adham SA, Yee BL

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