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2016 | Vol 2 (2) | Issue 2 (March-April)

Pages : 26- 57

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Anticancer and cell cycle analysis of aqueous extract of Emblica officinalis fruits on human colorectal and neuroblastoma cancer cell lines
Poonam Dogra, Tanvi, Nilanjan Ghosh, Suresh Janadri, Darshan Raj C.G, Rajendra S.V


Wound healing and antioxidant effect of Calliandra haematocephala leaves on incision and excision wound models
Ramchandra Gupta, Ashish Garg, Prabhakar Sharma, Prakash Pandey


Investigations for anti-urolithiatic activity of Tephrosia purpurea roots against ethylene glycol-induced renal calculi in rats
Ajay Shukla, Pramod Mourya


Development and characterization of solid dispersion of Ezetimibe by using solvent evaporation method
Nisha Thakre, Kapil Khatri, Satish Shilpi


Nasal delivery of Salbutamol loaded mucoadheshive microsphere for effective management of asthma
Vineeta Shyam, Kapil Khatri, Satish Shilpi


Study of chemical composition and phytochemical analysis of Alpinia galanga rhizomes extracts by HPTLC fingerprinting
Alok Pal Jain, Rajesh Singh Pawar

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