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2020 | Vol 6(6) | Issue 6 (November-December)

Pages : 356-412

Online Since Sunday, 31 January, 2021

ISSN: 2455-2674

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Novel approach to improve bioavailability and factors affecting to stability of nanoformulaiton
Vikrant K. Nikam, Ankita Ugale, Jyoti Khapare


Co-crystal: A pharmaceutical technique to improve physical characteristics of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient
Reetu Yadav, Ashutosh Kumar Yadav, Anita Singh

Research Articles

Evaluation of the acute and subchronic toxicity of the aqueous extract of the leaves of Clerodendrum thomsoniae Linn in oral route
Eric Martial Deutchoua Ngounou, Faustin Dongmo, Yannick Dimitry Mang, Slestin Sokeng Dongmo, Nicolas Njintang Yanou


Hepatoprotective activity of Pentatropis nivalis against Carbon tetrachloride induced hepatic damage in rats
Nilesh P. Babre, T. Shivaraj Gouda, Narayanswamy Lachmanan Gowrishankar


Conjugated nanoconstructs of Dacarbazine for the treatment of metastatic melanoma
Harish Kumar Chandrawanshi, Neelima Chandrawanshi, Neelesh Chaubey


Can vegetative injuries (Acacia nilotica (Babool Tree)) offer protection against infection in case of open globe injuries defined by BETTS?
Mehul Shah, Shreya Shah, Rounaq Khanna, Ruhi Gunay, Deeksha Thorat


Simultaneous quantification of Lupeol, β-Sitosterol in the extract of Terminalia tomentosa and Eugenol, Kaempferol in Syzygium cumini extract using GC-MS
Tanmay Chache, Seema R. Sapale, Vikas Vaidya, Deepal Ghadge

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