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2021  |  Vol: 7(2)  |  Issue: 7 (March-April)  |
Effect of Allanblackia floribunda stem bark aqueous extract in male albino wistar rats: androgenic activities and penile nitric oxide (NO) production

Antoine Kada Sanda1*, David Fotsing1, Oumar Mahamat1, Vijayakumar Natesan2, Jayaprakash Rajendran3, Edouard Akono Nantia4, Paul Desire Dzeufiet Djomeni5, Pierre Kamtchouing5

1Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Bamenda, POBox 39, Bambili, Cameroon

2Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Faculty of Science, Annamalai University, Chidambaram-608002, Tamilnadu, India

3Department of Chemistry, School Of Arts And Science, AV Campus, VMRF, Paiyanoor, Tamilnadu, India

4Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Bamenda, PoBox 39, Bambili, Cameroon

5Department of Animal biology and physiology, faculty of science, university of Yaoundé 1, PoBox 812, Yaoundé, Cameroon

* Corresponding Author:

Kada Sanda Antoine

Department of Biological Sciences

University of Bamenda, PO BOX: 39, Bambili, Cameroon



Objective: Covid-19 like pandemics is encouraging the plant based medicines nowadays. The Allanblackia floribunda (Clusiaceae) stem bark extract is used to treat the sexual dysfunctions problems in Cameroon traditionally. The reported oral studies research in adult male rats using the bark extract for eight days revealed the increased frequencies of erection, intromission and prolonged latency of ejaculation, while intravenous and oral administration delayed the occurrence of ejaculation in spinal male rats. The present study aimed to investigating the androgenic, androgen releasing property of aqueous extract of  A. floribunda stem bark and its relation with corporal nitric oxide (NO) production in male albino adult Wistar rats. Materials and methods: This extended work was done to investigate the androgenic and androgen releasing tendency of A. floribunda stem bark aqueous extract in male albino Wistar rats through assessment of the corporal nitric oxide, testosterone, LH production, reproductive organs weight and accessory reproductive organs secretions. Results: Treatment of animals with A. floribunda extract at the dose 150 mg/kg increased serum testosterone and luteinizing hormone. In testis homogenate, it increased testosterone and cholesterol levels, while enhancing penile nitrites and vesicular fructose. Moreover, animals treated with A. floribunda extract displayed high red blood cells number, hematocrit level, thickness and diameter of the seminiferous tubules. Conclusion: A. floribunda improves the male reproductive of male rats through its androgenic properties and improvement of biomarkers of accessory reproductive organs.

Keywords: Allanblackia floribunda; testosterone, androgenic properties, nitric oxide, male rats

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